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NEW FEARS #11 marked a specific moment in the history of the project, as the Basisförderung-funding for July Weber was not extended, which allowed them to keep the space alive in the last years, and in this time had over 150 artists participate in many various events. It was an unforeseen and  uncertain situation and quite possible that the space had to close.  As per usual, two artists were invited to have a residency, but this time join forces with the alternative celebration format—BABYCAKES, which combines underground club culture with contemporary performance art. The two artists were musician Leonard Elser (as part of the artistic duo Angel Rider) and performance artist Amissa Verstraete (aka Shy), who both embedded their artistic work into the format of BABYCAKES and the architecture of a club space alongside many, many other artists. Jenny Ames aka Artwife was invited to write a text not only in response to the two artists in residency, but to the entire event and it‘s complex implications.

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