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For the online edition of NEW FEARS #2  Liina Magnea and Matthew Day developed new video and photographic works.


In Liina Magnea's work ‘rrrr’, a terrace in Rome becomes a stage for insignificant clergymen who pray for redemption from hell using the present body to whimper for some sun.


For "False Idols (Digital Triptych) Matthew Day worked in collaboration with Reyer van Barneveld on developing documentation practices that feedback into the choreographic process of a new work under construction.

The documents archive the development of the work in rehearsals and they also act as an index towards potential futures, artefacts of events yet to come.

This episode was accompanied by writer Maru Mushtrieva, who accompanied and interviewed the artists. You can get the printed version of the booklet at the next live event or here as PDF, as well as a audio version of the text by Maru Mushtrieva :

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