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NEW FEARS was founded in summer of 2020 to offer particularly young, aspiring artists a platform to work, experiment and present at the intersection of choreography and visual art, with a focus on body-related practices. NEW FEARS was initiated by July Weber in response to the lack of hybrid spaces that meet the logistical requirements for both dance and visual arts practices. The space tries to offer artists flexibility and long-term support, as well as create transdisciplinary working conditions by combining structures from the gallery and theater context. NEW FEARS examines body politics, participation models, club culture, mixed formats and is also a social space that promotes community building with workshops, markets and exchange and thus tries to create a safe place of mutual support for a wide variety of backgrounds, genders and perspectives.
One of the main sturctures of the platform is a residency program for Berlin-based and international artists. For each episode NEW FEARS invites at least 2 artists for a residency in Berlin, which leads to a public event. The process is accompanied by a writer whose output together with a documentation manifests in a publication. Episodes:

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Supported by DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, which is funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative

Participants of NEW FEARS projects 2020-2023: Antonia Steffens, Maciej Sado, Meg Stuart, Martin Hansen, Dasniya Sommer, Asaf Aharonson, Nicolaas van Diepen, Sigrid Stigsdatter, Annalise Van Even, Kalil Bat, Jessica Comis, Alistair Watts, Sergiu Matis, Thiago Granato, Karol Tymiński, Forough Fami , Cécile Bally, Pompom, Peter Pleyer, Jos McKain, Rocio Marano, Liina Magnea, Matthew Day, Reyer van Barneveld, Maru Mushtrieva, Allister Wats, Andrius Mulokas, Bosa Mina, Bryana Fritz, Lynn Suemitsu aka GOLIN, Ronald Berger, Filippo Tocchi, FRZNTE, Apex Anima, Alexander Schaef, Kalil Bat, Ruin Klarity, diet_clinic, judy_ladivina, elro_i, Luce deLire, Yuval Galili, Karma She, Jose del Palo, Joana Lucas, Zuki Ring, Don Aretino, Han Tse, Lie Ning, Anna von Rüden, Evgeny Borisenko, Maansi Jain, Maque Tumai, Happy New Tears, Cybermission, Miro von Berlin, Jewel, Kennen Dickens, Göksu Kunak, Matilde Basetti, Asya Ashman, György Jellinek, Judith Förster, LEGZ: JULES, Burymeonthedancefloor, FRZNTE, Marshall Vincent, Pvssy Divx,, S Ruston, Meg10, Fifi x Abortion, Isu Kim, Lea Marie, Christina Negouciou, Ana Lu, Luka, Emilio Cordero, Kulshedra, Jenny Ames, Silvio Saraceno, xxartwife, Ace of demons, Soyklo, Diana Salles, Katya Galitskaya, Chiara di Guardo, Amissa, Sunny Pfalzer, Katrina Bastian, Agathe Vcnt, Robin Heels, Isabel&Lukas, Lea Kiefer, Timothee, Constanze Marayika, Kirk Jackson, Pauli Schlipf, yulya valuy Maansi Jain, Maru Mushtrieva, Zoe Clair Miller, Adrienne Kammerer, Mica Pombo, Yanice Gianina, Jos Mckain, Pàw Meow, xoxobene, Cocktail napkin, Kinga Ötvös, Zen Dem, Berlin Strippers Collective, Josie, Trixie, Jade, Vivi, Squirrelpoodle, Anna Ehrenstein, Farina Finke, Rebecca Korang, Bryiana Fritz, Filippo Tocchi, Luce deLire, Serafyma Hryb, Nicolás Simkin, Evgeny Borisenko, Selma Selman, Won June Choi, Burcu Bilzic, Torben Jost, jess2empress, Effie, Oasis, Agathe Vnct, Angel Rider, Mertixell de Soto, Inna Krasnoper, Diego Nawrath, EPILOG, Casandra Miller, Tillmann Severin, Alisha Gamisch, Angelo Petracca and many more....

NEW FEARS is located in Reichenbergerstr. 114, Berlin
Write to for proposals/questions/ideas
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